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10 Great Gift Ideas….that don’t cost a thing.

Posted in Live by Sarah on December 11, 2012

10 Really Great (Any Time of Year) Gift Ideas

In the holiday season, we get pressure to buy, buy, buy – as if that is the only way to really show someone how much we care. In our family, instead of buying things, we were encouraged to make things or do things for the people we cared about.

That being said, here are 10 really great (but not so usual) gift ideas for the people you love. Maybe they will inspire you to think differently about gift-giving.

1. Give the gift of a weekly uninterrupted, non-distracted phone call. No multi-tasking. No talking and driving. Be really present. Listen. Share.

2. Give the gift of getting fit together. Commit to walking together, going to the gym, riding bikes or other fitness method. Give the gift of one month, six months or a year of getting fit together.

3. Give the gift of a no-internet day. One day each week, shut the internet down and use the time to eat as a family, play games, work on projects together – connect as people.

4. Give the gift of story. Share one story that has moved or changed your life, and the wisdom in it. Share wisdom and humor in a story at a special story dinner, a time before opening other gifts, or at a party. By sharing stories, we connect with others more significantly; it is a gift we always remember.

5. Give a recycled gift. Make the stipulation that no money can be spent on the gift, and it must be appropriate for the other person. Look through your old stuff that, with a little labor modification, may be just right for someone else. A great gift doesn’t always have to be new.

6. Give the gift of a healthy diet. Get rid of the processed foods, sugar snacks and unhealthy options. Buy a couple of new healthy-focused cookbooks and make healthy cooking a family event.

7. Give the gift of donation. As a family or group of friends, commit to donating resources or time to those who need. Collect for the Salvation Army, donate and cook at a food kitchen, teach CPR, respond to a community need, be a Big Brother or Big Sister, etc.

8. Give the gift of help. Find the family of a local serviceperson serving in the Afghanistan or Iraq, and offer to help with yardwork, repairs, babysitting, shopping, cleaning or other need, because a key member of the household is away and the workload is unbalanced.

9. Give the gift of celebration. Celebrate one thing each day. Host a celebration dinner each week. Build in a greater focus on fun, activity and celebration. As my dad used to say, when you treat yourself to a little celebration every day, you don’t need a once-a-year blow out. Besides, small constant celebrations are great for sustaining a great life attitude.

10. Give the gift of forgiveness. Right one wrong. Make things right. Go heal an old wound. Forgive an old adversary. Release the hurt.

I still believe that the best gifts are not things. The best gifts come from who we are – they either use our greatness, or help us find our greatness. The best gifts are gifts given from our hearts, our minds and our hands – and those things that require us to be present, caring, loving and forgiving. This makes a gift great for both those receiving and giving.


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