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Trick or Treat??

Posted in Eat,Fun by Sarah on October 29, 2012

Does anyone else remember trick-or-treating back in the day? It seemed like the streets were crawling with hundreds of kids. You would have to wait for the group in front of you to grab their treats before you could make your way to the porch for your turn. It was usually cold but you were always hustling and bustling around so much it didn’t bother you. Your voice was hoarse from screaming “trick or treat” as loud as you could over and over again. If you were smart you had a pillow case instead of a dinky little bag, and if you were truly dedicated, you usually came home with a few scraped up knees and had a grand excuse for why you didn’t get your butt home on time. The joy of dumping out all of that candy and carefully separating it all into priority piles was quickly faded with the belly ache from eating too many treats. You had so much candy it lasted days, weeks even! And you had it carefully hidden so noone else could raid the best ones you saved for last. It was quite an event.

With all of the GMO news going around, I still think it’s a little overrated and believe that most things can be enjoyed in moderation without harmful effects. There are claims that most of the popular candy is made with genetically modified corn (which I believe) but again, indulging on a few little candy bars on Halloween won’t hurt. Special occasions are one thing, but when each house has to stock up on bags and bags of candy, and kids are hitting up as many houses as they can, that’s when moderation crosses the line. So this year I have come up with  a list of things you can pass out to the kids instead of candy.

  • pencils
  • mini water bottles
  • mini bags of fruits/veggies (carrots, apple slices, etc)
  • small bags of pretzels
  • stickers
  • temporary tattoos
  • apples
  • small toys bought in bulk at party stores (yo yo’s, bouncy balls, etc.) *make sure they are age appropriate and are not a choking hazard to the little ones!
  • glow sticks/necklaces/bracelets
  • toothbrushes
  • floss
  • crayons
  • note pads
  • mini pumpkins

Hopefully you won’t get egged, but parents will thank you.

I found a cute idea, and am going to hand out clementines with jack-o-lantern faces colored on them. Can’t wait to see the kids reactions!


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  1. nharman21 said,

    Catching up on your blogs from the past – I am going to do this every year from now on… that way when I have “left overs” I can eat them without guilt!

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