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Kill Your TV

Posted in Live by Sarah on September 20, 2011

It’s here! TV Turn-Off Week!

Purpose: To re-think the role of television, why we use it and how and what for. Assess its impact on students, teachers, parents, children,individuals, etc.

How: Simply turn off your TV and do something worthwhile.

Who: You and everyone else

Where: Everywhere


  • Number of 30-second commercials seen in a year by an average child: 20,000
  • Number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children: 38.5
  • Number of minutes per week that the average child watches television: 1,680
  • Percentage of children ages 6-17 who have TV’s in their bedrooms: 50
  • Percentage of day care centers that use TV during a typical day: 70
  • Hours per year the average American youth spends in school: 900 hours
  • Hours per year the average American youth watches television: 1500
  • Percentage of Americans that regularly watch television while eating dinner: 66

  1. Volunteer in a school to teach reading, math, computer skills.
  2. Learn to play the guitar or other musical instrument.
  3. Attend community concerts.
  4. Organize a community clean-up.
  5. Put together a puzzle.
  6. Visit the library. Borrow a book. Attend library activities.
  7. Go ice skating or roller skating.
  8. Listen to the radio.
  9. Visit the zoo.
  10. Paint a picture, a mural or a room.
  11. Attend a high school sporting event.
  12. Find out about your area’s community center or park’s activities.
  13. Go swimming. Join a community swim team.
  14. Read a book aloud to your younger sister/brother.
  15. Plan a picnic or barbecue.
  16. Go bird watching.
  17. Volunteer for a community organization or charity.
  18. Play with your pet.
  19. Go dancing.
  20. Write a letter to a friend or relative.
  21. Learn to cook.
  22. Plant a flower, vegetable or herb garden.
  23. Read magazines or newspapers.
  24. Plan a slumber party.
  25. Start a neighborhood basketball, soccer, or kickball game.
  26. Go camping (even if it’s just in the backyard!).
  27. Join a choir.
  28. Go through your closets and clothes. Donate surplus items to Goodwill, the Salvation Army or a local rummage sale.
  29. Start a diary/journal.
  30. Go to a museum.
  31. Take a nature hike. Collect seeds and leaves. Make a collage with the materials you collected and post it on the refrigerator.
  32. Play cards.
  33. Start a community exercise group that power walks, runs, or bikes.
  34. Read a story to your younger brother or sister.
  35. Get out the family photo album. Research your family history.
  36. Go listen to a local band.
  37. Make crafts to give as gifts.
  38. Make up a story and write it down.
  39. Learn to say simple phrases in a few different languages.
  40. Ask an older family member to tell you a story about his or her childhood. Write about it.
  41. Learn some new riddles or jokes.
  42. Bake a batches of cookies for a neighbor.
  43. Watch the night sky through binoculars; identify the different constellations. Observe the moon.
  44. Visit a local bookstore.
  45. Walk to work or school.
  46. Start a kids bowling league.
  47. Train for a 5K race.
  48. Teach a neighbor about a computer program.
  49. Go fishing.
  50. Begin a family project.

Be the Change

Posted in Live by Sarah on September 14, 2011

By advancing our lives in the areas of mind, body, spirit, relationships and environmental awareness we can improve our individual outlook and help the world become an even greater place!

As my favorite Gandhi quote states: “you must be the change you want to see in the world” and here are 50 of the best practices, exercises and philosophies you can begin implementing to “be the change”:


1. Be Nice to People
And see how positive energy attracts positive energy

2. Take Responsibility For Your Actions
And stop making excuses

3. Volunteer Your Time
And realize that helping others is the ultimate way to make the world a greater place

4. Ask for Help
And give someone else the satisfaction of having the answer

5. Offer the Best Advice You Can
And set someone off in a new and positive direction.  Do it without expecting anything in return!

6. Smile More
And spread happiness to others with the slightest effort

7. Pay Close Attention to Your Language
And start seeing how your words and actions define you

8. Make a Donation
And feel how giving spreads positive energy and love

9. Ask your Closest Friends and Family “How Are You Doing”?
And let them know you are there for them



10. Do Crossword Puzzles and Other Mind Games
And challenge your intellect

11. Find and Work in a Career you Love
And spend your valuable time in a job that makes you truly happy!

12. Purposefully Deal with Stress
And learn to melt tension away

13. Read Good Books
And stir creativity in your brain

14. Take Classes
And learn more about the things that really interest you

15. Write in a Journal
And let the mind unwind itself through the hand

16. Start Viewing Yourself as Part of a Greater Universe
And see how the first step to a healthy planet is a healthy you!



17. Vary Your Workout Routines
And make your body stronger, more pliable, and resistant to illness

18. Try Ancient Forms of Healing
And tap into human knowledge that goes back many millennia

19. Exercise with Trained Professionals
And push the limits of what you think you are capable

20. Run a Marathon
Again, push the limits of what you are capable.  If not a marathon, find some physical activity that is ultra-challenging for you and do it!

21. Take Long Hikes
And appreciate the beauty of nature first hand

22. Sit in a Sauna or Steam Room
And sweat out harmful toxins

23 Use Medicines and Pharmaceuticals as Last Resort
And have faith in holistic measures and your body’s ability to heal itself

24. Love and Appreciate Your Body
And get rid of negative feelings and associations you have with it



25. Treat Yourself to Massages
And literally rub away all stress and tension

26. Begin a Daily Spirirtual Practice for Yourself
And give yourself unparalleled perspective by connecting with the “true you”.

27. Laugh Hard Every Day
And generate happiness for your soul

28. Accept Your Universe
And have unswerving faith that you can handle it, no matter what happens!

29. Feng Shui Your Home
And create a positive energy flow that extends to the external world

30. Listen to Soothing Music
And calm your body, mind and spirit

31. Plan a Healthy Retreat or Vacation
And ensconce your body and mind in health and vitality for an extended period



32. Start Treating Your Food as Delicious Tasting Medicine
And prevent sickness and disease with the nutrition you put into your body every day!

33. Eat Locally Grown Foods
And support your local farms and growers

34. Take Responsibility For Your Health
And understand that only you know what is best for you

35. Drink More Water
And enjoy nature’s elixir of life

36. Eat Clean to Think Clearly
And allow your thinking organ (brain) to work most efficiently

37. Cook More
And really get to know your food; enjoy it in a more complete and satisfying way!

38. Eat Organic Foods as Much as Possible
And understand that natural foods treat the body and the planet as they were originally intended

39. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
And begin learning the innumerable benefits these foods contain



40. Plant trees
And spread clean air throughout the world; plant a tree.  Even better, give trees as a present with The Arbor Day organization

41. Buy Carbon Offsets
And support new and clean renewable sources of energy that offset global warming withNative Energy.

42. Conserve Water
And be aware of over-usage at the sink, in the bathroom, and while doing laundry

43. Recycle!
And realize how such a simple step like recycling can do so much to improve our environmental dilemma

44. Save a Piece of the Rainforest
And help the earth’s atmosphere by purchasing 2,500 square feet of this precious land for $10 at The National Arbor Day Foundation!

45. Buy “Energy Star” Appliances
And save a ton of energy with every day activities

46. Use the Internet to Shop
And save gasoline and paper

47. Research Reusable Energy Sources for your Home
And utilize more sustainable and renewable power sources which are available!

48. Conserve Paper
And send e-cards instead of paper ones.  Start by getting removed from unwanted mailing lists at

49. Take a Stand
And volunteer your time to head an effort to “go green” at your work, school, place of worship or any organization you belong

50. YOU Decide
And start “being the change” based on your most valued beliefs and ideals!


What now?

Posted in Live by Sarah on September 8, 2011

I’m not sure why, but every time I run into someone at the gym who I haven’t seen for a while, they ask me “so what are you training for now?” I guess that’s just who I am now…a competition training junkie! And that is fine by me. I have found that signing up for races gives me incentive to train, motivation to push harder and an excuse to get the hell outta town. When I was asked the infamous question and I had no answer, I started looking around  for upcoming races and look what I found:

What have I gotten myself into? I am very nervous! Stay tuned!

Breakfast discovery

Posted in Live by Sarah on September 1, 2011

I just made an awesome breakfast discovery! I had to teach at 5:30am, then had to be in to work at 7am. I knew I had some protein powder in my drawer but when I got to work I realized I didn’t have my mixer. So I grabbed a serving of low sugar oatmeal (maple and brown sugar flavor) and added a scoop of vanilla protein podwer to it. It mixed well and was SO good! Give it a try one of these days.


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size

Amount Per Serving

Total Fat

Polyunsaturated Fat

Monounsaturated Fat


Total Carbohydrates

Dietary Fiber



Vitamin A 20% Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 20% Iron 20%


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