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Key Nutrients Every Runner Needs

Posted in Fitness,Learn by Sarah on July 14, 2011

Key Nutrients Every Runner Needs.

Great article I came across today, thought I’d share! Just click on the link.


Test Kitchen

Posted in Live by Sarah on July 11, 2011

Test kitchen time! I will usually only review products that I highly recommend, or highly discourage. This on falls in the “two thumbs up” category. Tide Sport with Febreeze is awesome! I work out every day, usually twice a day. Just the other day I realized that I had changed my clothes 6 times that day! That’s a little more than average, but needless to say, I do a lot of laundry. A little secret between you and me…I use the generic detergent for my husband and son and use this just for myself. I know, how rude! But when those clothes sit damp from sweat in the hamper for a couple of days, I need a little more oomph out of my detergent. I feel I have earned it! Anyway, it really does a great job at getting my clothes clean, yet gentile on the high-tech fabrics my workout clothes are made of. And if you buy any two Tide products at Target this week, you will receive a $5 Target gift card. That can buy you a dozen eggs, a Luna bar and a pack of gum 🙂


Posted in Live by Sarah on July 11, 2011

Hi Blog Followers,

First let me just say how grateful I am that you are here. You are the reason I blog about my passion and it is you who I value so much as a fitness minded individual. Whether you are here just for fun, in need of inspiration, or looking for new ideas….I appreciate you!

Now for the apology: I am sorry I have been on such a long hiatus. It’s summer, I’m a mom, work has been crazy and well, I have just been too busy to blog. But wait! Please don’t leave. I really am sorry and promise I will never take you for granted again. As many quests for health and fitness goes, you rid your kitchen of junk, you stock up on healthy meals and snacks, you plan your weekly work outs, you even go buy a new outfit. Then you bust your ass, start seeing results and you catch yourself slipping and fall off the wagon. But here is the difference between us and them: we recognize that we are headed in the wrong direction and we hop right back  on that wagon with full steam ahead and promise to ALWAYS be in control, learn from our mistakes and make right all that is wrong in our lives.

Please accept my apology and let get back to what is important. To me, that is health and happiness. If that is what you are in search of, then please keep checking back in for news and reviews on the latest and keep up on the ever-changing world of fitness!!

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