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Hiatus Schmatus

Posted in Live by Sarah on February 24, 2011

Sorry I haven’t been blogging these past couple of days. I have lots to write about, just not a lot of time and energy into posting it in a creative way that will keep you coming back. We all get this way, I know. So how do you reach deep down to muster up th energy to do something you know you should, but just don’t really want to? Short of stating the obvious (an Nike really nailed it with this one” Just do it!) I sought help from one of my favorite motivational websites and found this. I’d like to share:

Stop stopping yourself. Stop holding yourself back.

Yes, the world throws all sorts of difficult challenges your way. And you can find a way to transcend every one of them.

Yet you must choose to do so. You must make the commitment, deep within yourself, to live with richness and purpose and fulfillment.

Many events, people and situations will challenge you and impede your progress. However, the only limitations that can stop you completely are the limitations you place on yourself.

See that the doubts and limiting beliefs are of no use to you. Choose to simply and effortlessly let them go, just like that.

Your dreams are calling to you right now, calling for you to begin living them in this very moment. Stop holding yourself back, and let yourself be all you know you can be.

— Ralph Marston


Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

Posted in Fun,Love by Sarah on February 15, 2011

Happy belated Valentine’s Day. Sorry for not checking in yesterday, I was too busy daydreaming. Just kidding, I was thinking about you I promise! I hope you all had a beautiful day! It was a gorgeous day here in SLC. I think it may have reached 60 degrees. I just have to brag about the dinner my husband made for us! Parmesan crusted tilapia, rice with quinoa, asparagus and a spinach salad. Even our toddler liked it! I’ll admit, I splurged and had some candy. Hello? It’s a holiday and holiday’s are meant to be celebrated! Therefor I ran my ass of on the dreadmill this morning and threw away the rest of the reeses pb cups that were staring me in the face this morning. Live, laugh and love…that is what this life is for.


Nike Throwdown

Posted in Live by Sarah on February 15, 2011

I cannot get enough of this commercial!!!

Crazy Days…that’s how I live!

Posted in Live by Sarah on February 11, 2011

Good thing I have super powers! I just realized how crazy my day was yesterday. What’s it like in a day of my life? I’ll break it down for you:

3am- Wake up to comfort my toddler son who is coughing the night away. This includes bringing him into my bed, feeding him honey and ibuprofen and ice water. Toss and turn until 4:30 when my alarm goes off.
5am- Head out to coach Bootcamp with some of the most terrific ladies ever! Each day I work with them I gain more and more respect for them (and hopefully from them).
6:30am- Head home to squeeze in a workout of my own. Today was all about the TRX! Oh how I love that torture device.
8am- I’m ready and my lucky husband is making his coffee in his pajamas, my son is awake, dressed, fed and being entertained by PBS (no, thank you public broadcasting!) I’m eating oatmeal and egg whites as fast as I can as I balance carrying my purse, lunch, laptop and gym bag into my car. I give goodbye smooches to my boys and head out.
9am- Back to the grind at work. Placing media buys from Washington DC, over to Houston, up to Kansas City and back over to Fresno. Nationwide baby!!
11am- Pound a protein shake attempt unsuccessfully to eat a grapefruit with a spork.
12pm- Teach a resistance band class at work. How lucky that my work allows us time to get up out for our desks to stretch, flex, skip and laugh. It’s like recess for adults! So fun!
1pm- Lunch at my desk (yes I am eating AGAIN) a boca burger and yams while negotiating rates with KSLC-FM in Roanoke VA. Awesome call letters, why don’t we have them?
3pm- Leave work just a tad early to pick up my son, who has been coughing at daycare all day. Make a doctors appointment. Give him some TLC until the appointment.
5pm- My husband, son and I are at kids care, I receive the news that the poor kiddo has strep, AGAIN! So we head home to give him popsicles and TLC.
6:30pm- Teach my Powerflex class with my favorite group of fitness fanatics!
7:30- Run over to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions and humidifier filters…and a treat or two for my boys.
8pm- Head home to make sure everyone is fed and entertained. We watch TV, read books, clean up and make each other laugh. I get in a quick salad and leftover chicken and finish the laundry after putting my son to bed.
10pm- I am feeling sleepy laying on the couch doing a crossword puzzle…the next morning, I have 2 rounds of bootcamp to coach from 5:30-7:30am followed by kickboxing at 9am. So I head up to bed. Needless to say I doze right off and get in some serious Z’s! But before I do, I think about how grateful I am for everyone in my life, the blessings we are all given, and I feel content that I gave it my all and succeeded in another crazy day.

Training, training and more training

Posted in Live by Sarah on February 8, 2011

YEAHUHH! i just found out I was selected in the lottery for the Spudman Triathlon in July! WOW! This is my second one and I have got to train harder for T2 (bike to run) After 26 miles on the bike, my legs were not my own last year. I was over-confident and thought the run would be the easiest part. Oh how I was wrong. I have never ran a 58 minute 10k! LAME! But now I know what I have to do and damn it I’m gonna do it.

Now might be a good time to mention another goal I have set for myself. If it sounds crazy, you’re right, IT IS! But I have decided to compete this May in the 2011 NGA Mountain States Natural Pro-Qualifier, Bikini Division. What the hell. I have hired a trainer who has set up my nutrition and training program and we’ll see how it goes by mid March and decide if I am really ready to register. I am nervous as ever, but the competitive side in me is just yelling at me to do something. So, here we go!

How to simplify your diet…

Posted in Live by Sarah on February 2, 2011

In the mad rush to make ourselves fit, we often draw up a complicated diet plan that hardly benefits us and ends up making us  confused, deprived and frustrated. To get rid of this problem, here are 4 simple tips that will help you to simplify your diet program.

Eat your breakfast– One of the golden rules of fitness is to eat breakfast daily. It will burn calories faster and thus help you to shed the pounds in the long run. Opt for fiber-rich foods such as barley for making you feel ‘full’ for a longer time.

Maintain a food diary– Writing down every food item consumed during the day helps you to calculate the daily calorie intake correctly. Many of us love taking bites from other people’s plates and later overlook it. The result is that we fail to reach the fitness goals and wonder where we went wrong. Maintaining a food journal on a regular basis will help you to keep track on what you are eating. I live by my journal (see previous post).

Plan healthy snacks- Planning the mid-morning or afternoon snacks will help you to avoid the high-calorie food items that you may consume on an impulse. Try unsalted popcorn, handful of dried nuts, plain yoghurt or a fruit at the snack time. These snacks will provide you with the required nutrition and prevent you from overeating.

Increase your water intake– According to a study published by the University of North Carolina; participants who drank 7 cups of water consumed 200 calories less (on daily basis) as compared to those who drank 1 cup of water. Drink water before and post your workout routine and with every meal and snack.

Notice how the new and improved Food Pyramid puts an emphasis on exercise? I love it! Simplify your diet plan with the help of these secret tips and fulfill your fitness goals faster. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Cheers!

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